Client focussed implementation. Let’s make your life easy

There’s no client we haven’t been able to work with and onboard yet. It’s something we’re extremely proud of so we’ll say it again, there’s not a single client that we haven’t been able to onboard yet

Throughout the past decade we’ve developed specialist teams whose key responsibility is to onboard clients. As you’d expect, questions we’ve been asked repeatedly are, “how easy is it to get set up with you guys and what’s the process for doing so?”. Simply put, due to our experience, for us it’s quite straight forward.

In this blog post we’re going to briefly walk you through our onboarding process and how we make it as easy as possible for you.

Tried and tested process

First up, we apply a tried and tested process that’s been developed over a decade. So, no matter how mature or immature your systems are, we can get you up and running in a matter of days. Did we mention we’ve been doing this for years! We’ve connected to thousands of different systems, across hundreds of different clients and numerous industry sectors. 


We have expert people, processes and importantly we’ve developed and deployed bespoke systems (such as our API, MiSite and our cases loading system: MyCases) all developed in house by our expert technology team. 

Implementation planning

Over time we’ve learned the key to successful onboarding will always start with careful planning. Here are 6 important steps our implementation meeting will uncover:

  1. Key contacts
  2. File schedules and reporting 
  3. Access to procedures and policies
  4. Offshoot processes 
  5. Customer communications
  6. Here to help

Check out the detail…

Key contacts

Let’s decide who we need to speak to, about what and when. For example, do we have a contact about query management. Who is your data protection officer and who will manage the process from your side?

File schedules and reporting

An important step in the onboarding process is ensuring that there’s a clean and secure transfer of data between our company and yours and it’s well defined. We make this as easy as possible through our templates, or, if you have an existing setup, we can replicate this in a matter of seconds. Data transmission is available through our bespoke API or secure SFTP site. 

Our MI Site has all the reporting you need and much more. We set up an introduction call with your team to talk through the key features. From performance reports, to accounts audit functions, to query and process management, the site is an important tool to keep you informed. 

If this isn’t enough MyReport, our reporting platform, can generate custom dashboards and deliver them to you in whichever format you require. 

Access to procedures and policies

As an FCA authorised collections agency, working across several different industries, it’s important that you have access to our key policies and certificates. We’ll provide you with an ‘onboarding pack’ that includes our key compliance documents. 

Offshoot processes

How do we handle complaints, vulnerable customers etc. in line with your processes? We define them up front. We can work with your internal policies or use our defined procedures to ensure that accounts that need extra care are treated correctly. 

Customer communications

All communications will be designed by our strategy team and shared with you to sign off from a compliance and tone perspective. The content and delivery are designed to be none invasive for the customer and with an emphasis on self-service. This approach is received best by customers and consequently positively impacts collections rates and complaints ratios. Also, reference to default notices and other statutory requirements will be built into the strategy to remind customers of the consequences of non-payment.

Here to help

Our team of specialists are on hand for every step of the process guiding you through a quick and pain free implementation. 

The results

The results are twofold: you get set-up correctly and the process will work seamlessly for both you and your customers. There you have it easy implementation for collections solutions that work.