Shaping the future of collections | The big questions answered

Here it is!

On March 17th 2022 we held our annual industry showcase, ‘Shaping the Future of Collections’ with one of the standout sessions, returning for a second instalment and appropriately named: ‘The Big Questions’. 

In this session, we invited four independent industry specialists to the stage to make up our expert panel and offer the room their exclusive insight into some of the toughest questions facing our industry right now.

Invited to the stage were:

Sheraz Afzal (SA) Group Legal, Risk and Compliance Director at the Quint Group

Angela Woolham (AW) Third Party Collections Manager at Verastar 

Tony Gundersen (TG) Head of Operations at ONMO 

Sam Challenger (SC) Head of Collections & Customer Experience at Billing Finance. 

(To find out more about our panellists please see the bottom of this article)

The session was hosted by:

Peter Gent (PG) Sales Director at COEO/CRS