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Why your debt collection agency needs SMS chat bots (Top 3 benefits)

For Debt Collection Agencies it’s vital to interact with customers on their terms with the technology they feel comfortable using and we can’t find a more common and customer-friendly platform than the smartphone text messaging service. As part of our technology in debt recovery series, we explore the power of text messaging and share our […]

3 September 2020

The big questions debt collection tips – the complete podcast playlist

It’s been almost two months since we launched our first ever podcast, showcasing a first-class panel offering successful debt collections tips for the biggest collections tech questions currently debated. Over the past 8 weeks we’ve released the hottest questions from our live event in March and in this post, we’ve pulled them all together into […]

3 September 2020

Why customers care is important in the debt collection process

If the customer is King, then customer care is the pampering that keeps the king coming back to sit on his throne. Keeping people or even better the ‘person’ at the centre of all decision making and being a customer centric business will help collections teams execute strategies and hit targets. In our six crucial competencies […]

3 September 2020