Compass Service

Pointing Everyone in the Right Direction

An innovative solution to manage the resource hungry process of administering customer accounts that are subject to debt management plans.


We recognise that the handling of each individual piece of post and payments from DMA is a time consuming and often costly process.


Through our relationships, associations and partnerships with DMA, we can effectively take control of the process for you.

Digital Portal

Our Data Protection agreements, which are in place with the majority of the DMA in the UK, allow easy access to our bespoke Compass portal.

Pointing Customers In The Right Direction

processing debt management accounts can be hard work for a creditor. Individual account requests can stretch your processes to the point where black holes appear to the detriment of you and the customer. We can take the pain away by providing you with payments and update files in easily readable formats and following through with ongoing communication if things go wrong.

Did you know?

On average it costs £101.58 to manage a customer’s account throughout the lifetime of a debt management plan.

Compass Portal

Our Compass portal is a dedicated service designed to save you costs when dealing with those customers who are using or intend to use a Debt Management Agency (DMA).

We recognise that the handling of each individual piece of post and payments from DMA is a time consuming and often costly process.

Our solution is to carry that weight for you by:

  • Leveraging our strong ongoing relationships, associations and partnerships with most of the UK’s DMA, including the important data protection agreements.
  • Seamlessly integrating those customers with our bespoke Compass portal.

coeo Compass can take full control of all accounts that fall into the ‘can’t pay’ category. Our state-of-the-art systems then ensure that none of your accounts will end up unprocessed leading to lost revenue.


When litigation is the right option to take. Our expert team of legal professionals will manage your case through to completion with the aim of a quick resolution for all parties.

White Label

When Two Become One

Our early arrears and white label solution to rehabilitate and recover your customers’ arrears or manage your live accounts. All communications go out in your name, with your branding and with CSA accredited agents answering inbound contacts as you.


Focus on your core business activities, leaving your collections to an experienced and licensed partner.

Save Money

Save money, time and resource compared to managing the process yourself.

Client Portal

Maintain full control by accessing detailed management information, available to you 24/7 through our client portal.

Let Us Do The Heavy Lifting For You!

Do you want to strengthen your internal collections or credit control procedures? Or what about replacing them entirely with a cost effective, auditable solution? We can design a bespoke collections process in your own name but administered by our expert collections team?

We’ll build a process designed in tandem with your current processes and regulatory requirements. All communications can be issued in your name, with your branding and with our highly skilled CSA accredited agents ready to respond to contact and take payment. We use integrated flexible systems to ensure that customer records are kept up to date and offering:

  • Seamless experience for your customers.
  • Takes advantage of our tried and tested digital contact methods – SMS, Email, Webchat, Conversational SMS, Letters by email and more.
  • Fully branded customer portal.
  • Typically, 35-60 days long.

DCA Collections

A modern day approach to recoveries. We offer contingent debt collection services unique to the industry. We invest in bespoke collections technologies to make sure we have the most advanced collection systems and strategy.